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There are many electrical contractors in Oakland, California. These contractors have different hourly rates, experience, and reviews. A contractor should always have a proper license and certificate.

So, finding a good electrician may not be so easy. You have to know almost everything about an electrician, before hiring him.

On the internet, you can use a variety of sites such as Yelp, Facebook, or Google to find reviews and general information about an electrician.

How to Find an Electrician?

in this tutorial you will get a complete guidelines about finding a perfect electrician that suits your job. First of all we’d like to re

Search Engines

Search engines like Google can help you to find a good electrician in your area. You can also use different search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, etc. to search for an electrician.

For Example – if you search ‘electricians near me’ or your city and state or zip code, then Google will show you a business list of the closest ones to you. This list will contain the names of some popular electrical contractors in your area. You can also find their phone numbers, addresses, ratings, and reviews of those electrical contractor businesses.

Thus, search engines can help you to find a good electrician in your area.

Review Sites

Review sites can inform you about the best electricians in your area. Sites like – Yelp, Angies List, Home Advisor, etc. are popular.

These sites can inform you in detail with a customer’s specific experience about an electrician. Each business will have its reviews and phone number on that site. Moreover, you can also find out about the contractor’s services.

Be advised, these review sites also show paid promotions in higher rankings on the first and second pages when you do a search. Hence, you should verify the electrician’s license and history, before contacting him.

Yellow Pages

‘Yellow pages’ are also like review sites. But, they have a long list of electrical contractors. As a result, you will find different options to choose from.

For example – you can visit the site and search –  electricians in Los Angeles. Then, the site will show you a long list of electricians. You can also apply different filters on this site (BBB rating, area, services, etc.).

Hence, the site will help you to find a reliable electrician in your area.


A local forum can advise you to find a good electrician. You can post your questions regarding an electrician and the forum will give you answers.

A local forum may have hundreds of local members. Even you may find some electricians also. These forum members can share their experiences. They can also tell you – which electrician will be suitable for your electrical job.

As a result, you can find an electrician that you may have the opportunity to interact with personally within a short time.

Google Guaranteed Services

Google has made our lives easy. Google can show you verified business’ contractors in your area.

For Instance – if you search – electrician in Oakland, on Google, then you can see some results on top of the search result page.

These electrical contractor’s services are guaranteed by Google. This means, if they fail to satisfy you, then Google will refund you.

It’s a wonderful service by Google. So, you can trust Google to hire an electrician in California.


This is not an online option. But, asking someone you know and trust is a great way to find an electrician in your area.

Your relatives, colleagues, or friends, may live in your area or you may also know some helpful neighbors who have had a personal experience with finding an electrician.

References from a friend or a known-person who has actually used their service is a reliable way to find an electrician. The best part is that – you don’t have to waste your valuable time finding an electrician.

The internet is full of electrical contractor’s names. But, you should do thorough research before hiring an electrician. You should always verify their licenses, certificates, charges such as do they provide free estimates and is there a trip charge (the cost to travel to your home and check out the job). The above ideas/ways can help you to find a reliable and efficient electrician in your area. at the last we’d like to refer ourselves, electricians Oakland has reputed electricians serving business in Oakland. We strongly believe You will find your expected services So, follow the above ideas and hire an electrician easily.