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Electric is the lifeline of modern civilization. A developed country runs all its important businesses depending on the electricity.

An electrician can repair, upgrade, and maintain electrical equipment. Apart from that, he can also install various types of electrical parts and systems (like – switchboards, security systems). For all these reasons, electricians have become an integral part of modern society. Everybody needs them to run their businesses and regular life.

Different Types of Electricians

In California, there are mainly three types of electricians – Apprentice electrician, Journeyman electrician, and Master electrician.

Before contacting an electrician, you should know – which electrician is suitable for your job. If you don’t have proper information about an electrician, then you may waste your time and money. in this article, you will learn the job of different types of electrician. Let’s start 🙂

What Do Electricians do?

What do Apprentice Electrician do:

An apprentice electrician doesn’t have any license to run his individual business. He can only work under a licensed and legal electrical contractor. Thus, he can only assist a master/journeyman electrician.

An apprentice electrician can install and maintain different electrical parts. He learns – how to detect a fault in the electrical system. He also grasps -how to read blueprints or electrical diagrams.

An apprentice electrician does all his duties under a master electrician. Hence, he travels to different places with him. Moreover, he orders and learns to purchase different electrical parts and pieces of equipment. He also learns – how to satisfy a client. In short, he learns everything to become a professional electrician.

What do Journeyman Electrician do?

A journeyman electrician can inspect electrical systems. He knows all the safety codes. So, he tries to complete his jobs safely.

Journeyman electricians can repair and maintain residential and commercial electrical parts. They should always abide by OSHA guidelines. A journeyman electrician can install security systems and he can read blueprints.

Journeyman electricians can install lights. Moreover, they can connect circuit breakers and transformers. They can also fix any electrical faults.

A journeyman electrician in California has the license to inspect and install electrical equipment. But, he can’t design the entire electrical systems. It’s only done by the master electricians.

What do Master Electrician do?

 A master electrician has the license to run his private business. He can also build a licensed electrical contractor company.

A master electrician can design a new building’s entire electrical system. He can do all the advanced electrical jobs. Sometimes heavy pieces of machinery are required for electrical jobs. A master electrician has the license to drive these types of machinery.

Master electricians can read the blueprints and diagrams. They always follow OSHA guidelines to keep their work environment safe.

All the advanced tools to diagnose the electrical systems are used by a master electrician. He can install, modify, repair, and maintain all types of electrical equipment. Master electricians can test an electrical system and they can fix any electrical problem. Furthermore, he can train new electricians under him.

An apprentice electrician is guided by a master electrician. Whereas a journeyman electrician can do his jobs independently. But, a master electrician is an expert in all electrical fields. A master electrician in California can repair, modify, install, and maintain all types of electrical systems and equipment.

Now, you have to decide – which electrician you should contact!